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After a yearlong review, EZBankruptcyForms is again awarded the 2016 GOLD MEDAL WINNER for the best bankruptcy software by, This is the second year in a row has received the award. reviewed bankruptcy software based on clarity of product description, as well as the product's performance, reception by actual customers and ease-of-use. makes it very clear to the bankruptcy consumer what product they can expect. Their product can be purchased for either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy filing, and comes in pdf format. They provide a demo of their product with their FREE MEANS TEST and provide step-by-step filing tutorials for free before you purchase their software. We feel that preparing the potential customer for what is to come in an invaluable "good faith" tool for the customer.

Here, we found an review from a customer who had purchased the software in 2014 and received an actual update in early 2015 from the company. The customer had actually filed for bankruptcy using the software and was told while the case was open that the filing was "compliant". In that particular thread, he was asking the lawyer's at Avvo if there was anything else he needed to do, and it seems that it was agreed that his file was clean up to that point. There is a later follow-up from the customer that the debts were discharged, and we used that as evidence that the product meets the needs for practical use. also provides helpful free bankruptcy lawyer search page, combined with their Facebook Page to assist people in need in finding free bankruptcy help in their area (independent of their company) without purchasing their software, which we believe serves as a "good faith" gesture toward the client.

EZBankruptcyForms claims that their bankruptcy software was up-to-date with the "bankruptcy overhaul" changes from December 1, 2015. On December 14, 2015, we purchased the software and found that to be true, with each form organized in a free-flowing manner.

Next, we began filling out the forms in the order that was supplied by the software. Text cells (like the debtors name) would auto-populate in the appropriate places throughout the 84-page document. When numeric cells were populated, their totals would be auto-calculated throughout the forms. We were pleased to find that all the creditors names and addresses entered on Schedules D and E/F were auto-populated on the provided Creditor Matrix, saving the time necessary to reenter. We also found that the totals from all the Schedules were auto-populated on the Summary of Schedules correctly.

There are several lines of questions from the free forms that are vague to the layperson. The software from provides "Sticky Notes" that you can view that explain what you are being asked so you can answer clearly. claims their bankruptcy software will give you accurate results and save you a lot of time. We found that the organization of the forms in a style that flows from one to another, along with the auto-population and auto-calculation feature, as well as the "Sticky Notes" included to have you avoid Googling several difficult-to-understand questions will save you a significant amount of time.

RECOMMENDATION FOR CONSUMER: For the individual debtor that cannot afford an attorney, this is a valuable tool at an affordable price that will save you time. It is possible to file with the free forms supplied on the government website, this product is proven to avoid human error while cutting redundancies in time to complete the package from several days to about 2 hours. If saving that amount of time is worth it for you, we would recommend this product.
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